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We help local organizations and residents transform public spaces in their neighborhoods through a process we call community-driven placemaking. Our clients hire us to do:

  • project planning and management

  • community engagement

  • stakeholder engagement

  • evaluation

We center the entire process around the voices of community members who live and work in these spaces. We focus on planning with room for the unexpected, experimenting with temporary, low-cost projects, and celebrating the transformations with events that invite people to these new beautified places.


Implement Tactical Projects (Temporary, Low-Cost Installations)

Vender Sourcing & Coordination

Stakeholder Engagement


Project Planning & Management

Grant-Writing & Fundraising

Vendor Coordination



Gather community & stakeholder input

Conduct surveys, interviews, and live data collection



Gather community feedback based on tactical projects to inform permanent redesigns


Plan community events & outreach

Step up long-term maintenance systems

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Our Services
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