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What is Participatory Evaluation?

Program evaluation can be a powerful tool for determining the effectiveness of organizations and their placekeeping projects. It can help determine impacts and areas of improvement, justify future funding, and prompt actions that will better align with the mission and goals of the organization.

There are many forms that #programevaluation takes. Thriving Places Collaborative uses a participatory evaluation strategy in which the community shares not only in data collection but also in the interpretation and analysis. Traditional project evaluation positions the researcher as the "expert" while a more participatory approach acknowledges that community members are the true experts in their communities.

Participatory program evaluation is one of our tactics to elevate #equity in #publicspaces. As part of our evaluation process, we actively seek out people whose voices are missing from the conversation and elevate those perspectives for #inclusion in our recommendations.

#Placemaking and #placekeeping happen best through a democratic process. When community members participate in the process of envisioning and transforming places, they often feel a greater connection and sense of belonging there.

Contact us to learn more about how participatory evaluation strategies can help your team move towards its goals and create more inclusive places.


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